Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Eight – Motivate Mummy Some

Ok. I have to be fit again. For myself and for being a role model for my baby girl. That’s motivation enough, isn’t it?

Or is it?

I can talk myself into being really motivated. I know words and I can use them; they’re easy. It is a completely different type of motivation that I need to get on my bike. Although I love riding and I am desperate to be riding again, I do attract distractions. I am easily hindered. Exercise is sometimes too much effort.

When I have lots of other things to do: housework, shopping, marking, preparing dinner and all those things I can’t do very well with a toddler clamped to my thigh, they are easier to choose. And, more sensible – we have to eat; I have to work! However, I do lack enough motivation for these chores too ... perhaps I’m just a demotivated!

That is why I need to develop some motivators ...

For example, the weather: it’s so easy to be motivated right now because it has been 16 degrees in Kent and sunny. This reduces the faffing; the need for lights and lots of layers. The weather is a motivator. But, no one can rely on this in the UK – even those of us in Kent. The cold and the wet are not as appealing.

Over the years, I have learnt a few tricks that have helped to keep me motivated. For example, being organised: the longer I take to get ready, the more time I have to convince myself to stay on the sofa. If my bike is set up and my kit is ready to go, I don’t have time to demotivate myself!

As well as being organised, like teaching, I’m motivated by exciting planning. Riding my bike should be exciting enough ... Well, for me it is! But, if that isn’t enough of a motivator, I need to plan to do a session that is. For example, going off-road; easy intervals (I say 'easy' because I hate them!)

I love music. Or, should I say loved? The best I get to listen to now is from the Disney Channel. In fact, during a ride one Thursday, I sang to myself the theme to ‘Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse’ for the entire ride. Pedalling to ‘Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggoty dog’ does not motivate faster legs. But this isn’t rare for me. I have pedalled to the rhythm of reciting ‘The Guffalo’ and I have hummed the melody of Willow’s Jumperoo while riding. The only place I could listen to music, for me and as loudly as I’d like, would be on my turbo. And, you can’t be more motivated than by listening to some late 1990s-early 2000s house and trance. Can you?

But, above all of these motivators, motivating me more than anything right now is my absolute trump motivator: the box set of ‘24’. I have a computer in the garage on which Nick and I watch box sets when on our turbos. I have been so obsessed with Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida that I have actually opted for the turbo on a Sunday rather than the frosty roads – ok, not really too much of a choice!

And, if all else fails ... chocolate. How on earth can I make room in my tight calorie schedule for a Mars bar? 

An hour’s training. That’s how.

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