Thursday, 16 February 2012

Two - Food and fast!

Following the birth of my baby girl, I knew I had to get myself fit again. My pregnancy was too easily used as an excuse to actually eat for two. And, my first trimester was nursed with sugar and sour sweets. Having spent years as an athlete, my body was now feeling flabby and foreign to me. Having Willow, I had pushed it in ways I never knew I could and I had learnt that sport is actually quite easy, in comparison to childbirth. It’s motivating myself to do it that isn’t easy.

Running wasn’t working - a little matter called the pelvic floor. 
The bike hurt me - the birth was a natural one ... 
What next? 



Diet? Everyone in the world says that breastfeeding will get your figure back. Really? So, I breastfed. What everyone doesn’t tell you is that the reason why you will get your figure back is because, when breastfeeding, you have no time to eat! All the time, you are your baby’s food source. Willow fed for hours and hours and hours. I lost weight rapidly. However, I gained that weight rapidly because fatigue and extreme hunger and lack of time to eat can only really be satisfied by cake. Cake can be bought, it doesn’t need preparation and it makes you feel so good on your one hour of sleep. It was part of the convenient food diet that I consumed while I was feeding Willow – totally inappropriate for her but so necessary for me. I couldn’t even have a hot cup of tea so a nutritious lasagne was not happening.

This has led to a bit of problem. A year on and I am still fighting the weight. A year on and Willow has a very sweet tooth. A year on and my diet is worse than it has ever been. I am now in a bit of a quandary: I can’t run because I feel too heavy to pound the streets; I can’t sit on my bike because my belly nearly hits my knees; I can’t wear lycra – I can’t. 

This 'be fit' campaign has to be addressed firstly by my diet - if I eat well, I feel well. Of course, if I eat well, I will want to do more sport and not laze around blaming Willow for my lethargy, like I am, right now.

After my glass of wine tonight, I promise, tomorrow is a new day ... 

Actually, I have had enough of saying ‘tomorrow’ or ‘as from Monday’ or ‘starting next week.’ It is 11.57am, Thursday 16th February 2012 and I am beginning now.

I am going to drink lots of water and cut back on cups of tea. Pre-pregnancy, my weakness was coffee but somehow, unless the coffee is made by a barista in Majorca, I can’t stomach it now.

I am going stick to a certain number of good calories per day, 1800, and I will only exceed those when I am training. I need to be strict here because I have already had a Waitrose fondant fancy ... 

But as from now. And, I mean NOW.

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