Thursday, 29 November 2012

And it starts all over again ...

I've not written for ages - probably because I felt I'd achieved all I set out to achieve in writing this blog and self-therapising (yes, that is a word!)

I was racing my mountain bike again.

I had given up work to spend more time with Willow.

We had a routine and things were settling.

However, I'm clearly not one for being 'settled.'

I realised I missed work and the 'adult-time' it gave me just as I realised how valuable Willow's time at the crèche was - for her own sanity. So, I've been working for my husband ...

We decided we needed to move to a proper sized family house to accommodate Willow's stuff. Wow, she has a lot! So we did ...

I decided I needed to work and am back teaching teenagers and interacting with minds different to the levels of a nearly two years old baby (well, kind of - and, it's often one-sided!)

Oh, and I am riding for a cycling team!


Well, it's that time if year where I can become a bear and eat and sleep (not at all) and eat and eat. However, after a full-sized pizza, totally not good for me, and a few few weeks of generally being lazy and unhealthy, I've realised I need to self-therapise again.

This mummy needs to be fit!

One more slice and I start tomorrow!

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