Sunday, 24 February 2013

And so begins 2013! Kingswood Duathlon 24th February.

Kings Wood, Challock, is a beautiful part of Kent and my training rides take me there regularly. It's one of Kent's highest points - which isn't very high, really - but it is very, very pretty. And, in the snow, it is even prettier. Unless you're racing there ...

Back in January, I decided that I'd welcome my gorgeous new Vitus 29'er by riding it in Ashford Tri Club's Kings Wood Duathlon, organised by Nice Work Events.

Back in January, we did have a short spell of warmth, suggesting that February might be, just might be, bearable.

Back in January, when the whole year seemed miles away ...

... 9:00am this morning came upon me way too quickly.

Bloody hell, it was bloody cold!

The temperature was -2 and the wind was bitter. My warm up began in the car with my heating on full while sitting on my hands. And, I covered myself completely in my Sportique warm-up cream. I do think it was just as well we were beginning with a run because I'm not sure I could have accelerated myself into heat as quickly on my bike. It took two Torq gels and a lot of jumping to feel a little warm but I clearly wasn't alone because the race start was unlike any quick 3k ... we must have all been suffering!

The event was a 3k run, a 14k ride and finished by a 3k run, on forest trails and tracks. I began steadily but within about 5 minutes, I'd set a few 2013 records - I hadn't seen 193 on my heart rate monitor for some time! However, what did worry me was the ease with which my body adapted to this while running. The bike-leg, on the other hand ...

I entered this event purely because I wanted to race my Vitus and my Vitus definitely wanted to race. Beautifully finished with some customised-Collins accessories and pair of new Schwalbe shoes, the bike looked good and fast. In fact, it was a bit of a head-turner and it lapped up the attention! Racing it was brilliant.

But my riding legs weren't. I so need to do more work on them! Lots more work. Ouch.

The final leg was tough. I have a lot of admiration for those mad people who race regularly like this: running after a bike effort?! I grovelled for most of this.

Mostly, it was such a fun and well-organised event. I was the first lady home and 8th overall - contentiously: I was a bit stupid and didn't pay attention to the markings and was overtaken and out-sprinted at the end - not that I could have sprinted! I came away with a lovely crank-style trophy and a win for the Vitus and PMR@cing Toachim House Team.

I wish I could have shared it with Willow but the bitterness was a bit too much to expect her to endure.
Next time!

Can you  spot her?

(Thank you very much, Liz and Ali of TriSpirit Events and, of course, Mr Dave Hayward for the brilliant photos!)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

How fittingly predictable.

What is it about February?

I intended January 1st 2013 to be my time to renew my healthy ways. A stressful house-move in October, a career upheaval, the cold and wintry desire for comfort - and, of course, Christmas - left me feeling far from fit. My bike-riding and running had been nearly non-existent and my calorie intake had been incredibly existent. Not forgetting the Christmas holiday was filled with germs. So, January 1st 2013 was my renewal. I was meant to crack on with the look-after-me-and-my-family regime ...

But I kept postponing that! Willow had her 2nd birthday - I had to spend a week prep'ing that. Then I had exams to mark. Birthdays. Valentine's Day ... Hold on. Does it look like I'm committed to my cause?!

Perhaps January 1sts don't work for me.

One year ago this weekend, I began this blog. Therapy to overcome PND and to make myself fit. An outlet to motivate myself and other parents to lead healthy and active lives and promote such to their children. A documented reminder about why I need to include sport in my and Willow's lives.

One year later, I have a much more impressionable daughter who actually asks to go running or on the bike with mummy.

In Willow's words, 'Golly gosh, mummy,' get out there and bloody well inspire her!