Sunday, 17 February 2013

How fittingly predictable.

What is it about February?

I intended January 1st 2013 to be my time to renew my healthy ways. A stressful house-move in October, a career upheaval, the cold and wintry desire for comfort - and, of course, Christmas - left me feeling far from fit. My bike-riding and running had been nearly non-existent and my calorie intake had been incredibly existent. Not forgetting the Christmas holiday was filled with germs. So, January 1st 2013 was my renewal. I was meant to crack on with the look-after-me-and-my-family regime ...

But I kept postponing that! Willow had her 2nd birthday - I had to spend a week prep'ing that. Then I had exams to mark. Birthdays. Valentine's Day ... Hold on. Does it look like I'm committed to my cause?!

Perhaps January 1sts don't work for me.

One year ago this weekend, I began this blog. Therapy to overcome PND and to make myself fit. An outlet to motivate myself and other parents to lead healthy and active lives and promote such to their children. A documented reminder about why I need to include sport in my and Willow's lives.

One year later, I have a much more impressionable daughter who actually asks to go running or on the bike with mummy.

In Willow's words, 'Golly gosh, mummy,' get out there and bloody well inspire her!

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